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The Freedom Network [last updated 06/17/15]

"To be nobody-but-yourself - in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you somebody else - means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting."– E. E. Cummings.
"Well, I try my best, to be just like I am, but everybody wants you, t
o be just like them" - Bob Dylan

"I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time."– H. L.Mencken.

"Politics is a dirty business, a ruse, an ideological cul-de-sac, a vast looter of intellectual and financial resources, a lie that corrupts, a deceiver, a means of unleashing vast evil in the world of the most unexpected and undetected  sort and the greatest diverter of human productivity ever concocted by those who do not believe in authentic social  and economic  progress."   Jeffrey A. Tucker.

Latest Article  : 
The "Social Contract" Scam and "The Matrix" Of Belief 
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Local public meetings in Savannah GA [formerly held every two weeks], are currently on hiatus, for personal reasons. 

However, special day or night-time meetings with individuals can still pre-arranged,  just let me know: onebornfreeatyahoodotcom 

More About Private Meetings :                                                                                    if you would like to meet privately to discuss certain "issues" you might have, then we can do that, provided it is convenient [time and location] for both parties. Let me know via email: onebornfree at yahoo dot com. If you use Skype we could also possibly negotiate a time to talk on line in realtime, if you wish. 

Breaking News:You Were Born a Slave!

 "... you are a slave... Like everyone else you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind...."
[A quote by the character Morpheus-  from the movie "The Matrix"

 Q: Does The Matrix "Have You"?

 If you believe  that this famous 9/11 video, shown  on CNN on 09/12/01, is genuine, then "the Matrix" definitely "has" you !: 

  For more on the above video clip and why it is a  fake, please go here

The Freedom Network was conceived for those among us who have already "taken the red pill" and who wish to meet others who have achieved the same, and possibly for those who  wish to learn how to leave "the Matrix".
 The Freedom Network:

The Freedom Network [formed June 2012] is an international, non-political, non religiously affiliated, leaderless group of individuals who are interested in living freer lives in "an unfree world". 
Types of people most likely to be interested are: social "misfits" , small business owners, radical individualists, "perpetual tourists", artists, non-conformists, anarcho-libertarians, voluntarists, agorists, sovereign individuals and similar. There are no fees or dues. Emails about upcoming meetings are by request only. There will be no "social networking via Facebook or similar. 

The idea is for those individuals to network, share ideas about how to achieve more personal freedom in a world which more and more , is trying to stamp out our individual freedoms. 

Once a person has met others through the network they are free to then communicate with that person by whatever means is mutually agreeable, and not through the network itself, and are under no obligation to attend future meetings. 

Meetings: For the time being, meetings will be loose and informal, and at various locations in Savannah GA, and every 2 weeks, on the first and third Thursday of each month at a location in Savannah to be mostly decided by those wishing to attend, with some input from myself.

Meeting Subject matter: it is envisioned that meetings might have a main topic for discussion, such as the U.S. Bill of Rights, "Obamacare" or other regulations, or perhaps a film could be shown and then discussed. Attendees are encouraged to think about making their own talk/presentation and submitting it to me so that I can decide whether or not it is [1] suitable, interesting enough, and doable [depending on venue- especially for film/movies] , and [2] that it has been submitted early enough that I will be able to let others know ahead of time and change any related ads to include specific wording about your talk/presentation. 

Due to anticipated initial lack of interest and sufficient membership, I expect to make most of the initial presentations myself :-)

If you would like to talk with me about a particular problem you might have [business or personal],via secure email, or  via Skype [other voice options not available at this time], let me know and we can set up a time convenient to both parties . [Please click on the problem -solver link above to learn more].

To contact me direct, email: 
onebornfree at yahoo dot com

N.B.: Do You Wish To Attend A Live Meeting? Please read this first  : 
-it might save you time, and a wasted journey perhaps.]

           Examples of Possible subjects for discussion/comment: 

[1] Geopolitics ;where will the U.S go t war next- N.Korea? Iran? This was the main subject of a recent meeting, which featured a young lady from Malaysia giving us a slightly different perspective from the usual  "U.S. -centric" point of view

 [2] What's bothering YOU? What's on YOUR mind? 

[3] Economics: Why Are We in a Recession? + Finding work in todays "down" economic environment. 

[4] Unblocking creativity: Are you an artist in disguise? Do you have an artistic talent that you have been hiding from both yourself and the world? How to help release the creativity within us all and to "unblock" the creatively "blocked".

[5] Natural health solutions for improved health :  avoiding the "Big Pharma" medical and insurance monopolies to improve your health. 

N.B None of these topics are mandatory, so if you would like to talk about something else entirely instead please make a suggestion!

If you are planning on attending, just look for the guy with the shaved head and eyepatch [see picture above]!
[But first, if planning to attend, please take the time to read the newly amended{10/27/12} : 
-it might save you time, and a wasted journey perhaps.]


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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Is the Freedom Network Right For You?

My "Agenda" Versus Your "Agenda" : 

My agenda is twofold, and simple:

1] To meet interesting people who already think along similar lines to myself and to possibly develop personal or business relationships of some kind with some of them, and.. 

2]mostly to have fun and relax around others of a similar disposition. Not to argue with you!

Some of my own interests are: personal freedom, privacy, financial privacy9/11 and other conspiracy theories"perpetual tourism", anarchism, Austrian economic theory, investment and speculation philosophy, political philosophy, natural medicine, fitness, Tai Chi, martial arts, yoga, cycling, nature, art, music [ I'm a blues musician/songwriter.I particularly like: blues, gospel, jazz, R n' B, classical, opera, folk, adult contemporary, Reggae, Americana, "electronica"],  photography, beer, wine, good food, alternative psychology, cartoons, "noir" crime fiction, science fiction.

I have no interest in arguing with you about your own political ideals,  your own particular  9/11, or other conspiracy theory"truth", your plan to save the world, or anything else! And no interest in "converting" you or others to my views on those, or on any other subjects, or in being "converted" to whatever by whomever. 

If you wish to engage in proselytizing or "conversions" to your point of view on anything, I'm afraid you  must do so mostly outside of public Freedom Network meetings!

Which means that if you have a particular problem concerning your freedom, or with the way the world is, or with politics, or religious beliefs, or what you think happened on 9/11, or whatever, and you feel very strongly about that issue, then public Freedom Network meetings are  probably NOT the place to address those issues, except perhaps in the most general [and pleasant!] manner. 

Remember, these meetings are usually held in a public place, and most of the subjects raised by people like you and I are EXTREMELY CONTROVERSIAL and often evoke strong emotional reactions in  others. 

You Have Strong Opinions? [We All Do!]

So if you have strong opinions about what did or did not happen on, for example,  9/11 ,  or about the latest war, or  about the latest restriction to your freedom, or about how to "wakeup"  others, and you get into a raised voice "venting" type situation [commonly referred to as a "shouting match" :-0, at a public Freedom Network meeting [i.e. in a public place], you will be politely asked to leave, or forcibly ejected, if it comes to that.   

Private Consultations: 

If you like, if something about the way the world is, or about the way you think it should be really bothers you, and you feel it is strongly negatively effecting you ability to live a free life in some way, you may arrange to talk with me separately if you choose, one on one, at both our conveniences, as per my terms, or we can simply email back and forth as per my terms.

I don't need to know your real name, where you live, or whatever- if you supply those details that is your choice.

Your Agenda? : 

Member screening: in order to screen out certain types of people and to avoid unpleasant situations from developing in a public place, you will not be allowed to  participate in public meetings without first telling me your agenda[should you even have one :-)] .


If you wish to attend a meeting, first, notify me by email [onebornfree at yahoo dot com] and also expect to be first asked some questions about why you would like to be a part of the Freedom Network, including:

 [1] :how you see being part of the network as benefitting yourself. 

[2] : how you believe you can be of benefit to other members.  

[3] What do you believe happened  on 9/11. Was it an "inside job" or not ? A simple "yes" or "no" will suffice.

[4] Do you believe that governments  serve a legitimate purpose?
[ A simple "yes" or "no" will suffice.]

[5] Are there any specific problems you have with the way the world is and where you believe it is headed right now? 

Depending on your answers to those questions [and a maybe a few others chosen at random by myself], you will then be either accepted or rejected as a likely candidate for public Freedom Network meetings. [In the ulikely scenario of rejection you would still be able to discuss your problem[s] "one on one" with me, either in person, or via email - your decision].

The Freedom Network was conceived  to be mostly of interest to those persons who had already concluded that getting involved with political action of any description was a complete waste of their time, and are therefor only interested in investigating other, more individual, direct, non-coercive [i.e non-political], alternative ways to increase their own personal freedom in an increasingly unfree world.

 But if you have not yet reached that stage of "development" [or insanity, if you prefer], but are at least at this time perhaps interested in  questioning some of your own fundamental  assumptions about the true nature of all governments and  politics, then the Freedom Network is STILL "right" for you! 

However, to again make the point: if you are just looking for some sort of philosophical argument/debate that someone "must" win and another "must" lose, at a meeting to convince us that you are right about politics, 9/11, the necessity of governments, or whatever, and I/we are wrong, then understand that Freedom Network members have no desire [nor the time or financial incentive:-)] to change your own ideas to ours, and no desire to change our ideas to yours either. 

Most of us have heard your arguments our entire lives, but no longer believe those arguments to ring true.  

BUT,  if you are merely a little curious about my/our "strange" ideas, you are welcome to attend, regardless of ideology! 

You will be made to feel welcome! [At least to start with :-)  ]